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Icue makes a profile on its own

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When you link a profile to an application it can no longer serve as default profile. By linking it you’ve indicated you only want it to run when that application is active, so it has to switch to something when it’s not. There’s nothing special about the “default” profile CUE creates and it can be altered or deleted and replaced with a profile you create. If you want all your lights off, simply create a profile and leave the lighting fields empty or set to static black. 

If you want your Elder Scrolls profile active all the time, unlink the .exe from the profile and it will stop switching back and forth. 

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When you link a profile to a specific application, it is assumed you want it to run only when you use that application. So there should be no issue linking a profile to Elders Scrolls, but it then needs a second profile to fall back to when E.S. is not active.  It does not have to be that generic “default” profile. There is nothing special about that. You can rename it and give it other lighting (or not) and use it as your other profile. 

Some games can be difficult to link because of how the game is hosted. Steam games have their exe buried 5 folders deep in the launcher. Windows Store games are notoriously hard to link. I don’t play this one so I don’t know if their is an Epic/Steam type host program. 

So are saying it is linked, the game properly changes when you start, but then switches back to default in the middle of playing?  Is CUE crashing and going to hardware lighting?  Are you playing in Windowed mode?

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