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H150I Elite LCD screen not detected within iCue after unlocking desktop

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So this has been happening for a few versions of icue now and still persists up to v4.29.203

If I lock the desktop and then walk away and come back hours later,  after unlocking the desktop all the RGB's load the correct lighting profile, however the LCD screen on the H150i does not, it has a different default than what I've applied to default profile within icue and it's not properly detected within icue.

In order to get this LCD screen to reset itself and load correctly I have to close icue, then load device manager, find the correct USB Hub and then reset the hub under the advanced tab,  then reload icue for everything to work normally again.

If I just get up and walk away from my PC without locking the desktop and come back a few hours later everything is fine and there is no problem providing I don't actually lock the desktop.

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