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Virtuoso White Noise Issue & Mac Issues

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I have recently switched over to using a M1 Mac Mini, and have been having quite a lot of troubles with my Virtuoso's. 

The white noise when the headset is just on is crazy, I fixed this on windows by enabling 'Windows Spatial Audio' but have no idea of a Mac equivalent. This isnt due to sidetone.

I have an lower equaliser set to help combat this, but sometimes the headset seems to disconnect from these settings and will then go back to standard EQ (becoming really loud)

It's also frustrating that the ICUE App can't run as a service, and will always be an open app. If you close it, you lose all the settings from the EQ on the headset.

It's a shame cause the headset is the best i've owned, great microphone quality and the built in sidetone is nice to have.

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