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iCUEDevicePluginHost.exe identified by Easy Anti-Cheat as Game Security Violation

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Hello everyone,

I've noticed that I am unable to play Apex Legends (and not sure if it will also not happean with other games because I only play this online game), while iCUE process/program is running.

This is the error that I receive right after entering on the game:


The only way that I've to be able to play, is by terminating iCUE process on task manager, leaving my mouse without the possibility to change is DPI's, after that.

This is a pretty annoying situation, because I am unable to use my Corsair K55 macros related with iCUE profiles, during game.

I am using CORSAIR iCUE v4.29.203, the latest version.

Any one knows how can I solve this?


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