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Generic LCD Display Warning | Corsair iCUE H150i ELITE LCD Display Liquid CPU Cooler

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My Cooler LED is giving the generic warning symbol ever since the second time (and the first time in the case) I turned on the system.

I'm pretty sure its a software not a hardware issue.

Here's an illustration of the whole history of the situation for context:

Again, everything else is doing ok. Not sure what's up with this Display.

This is an issue with a history on the forums too, its a generic problem case:

1. Its a CORSAIR component that utilizes an internal USB port on the motherboard:

Fitting the example case of "CORSAIR Platinum Series Cooler -> CORSAIR COMMANDER PRO -> Motherboard USB header" exactly. (Given one unit is not detected, the cooler)

2. Fits the bill of "LCD is not recognized when connecting Commander CORE (XT)" perfectly:

Thus, I ordered much anticipated adapters for the "Temporary Solution" for the supposedly patched problem (patched latest April 2022, its October 2022) to try it out;
quoting, "Run an adapter that allows you to plug one of the three devices into the rear motherboard I/O port. (e.g. Internal to external adapter)".


All drivers are installed, entirety of the machine is functional other than this "false alarm" as I regard it. CPU is stable and everything seems ok.


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I returned the Cooler. The radiator thermometer was defective.

Got a new Cooler and it worked... once I put it fully into the PC Case, with the Radiator above the LED/turbine.
Before that, it was getting a general fault error (The generic Warning symbol). Maybe a screw is required for grounding, or its  safety to prevent air from being in the turbine readily. Had this issue with the one that ALSO had the radiator defect.


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