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Corsair A200 XMP Memory - BIOS


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Hey All,

I've had my A200 for just over a week now, going through things and I've discovered that in the bios the memory isn't set to use XMP. When I try and enable XMP the computer simply reboots and powers down, the only way to successfully post the computer is to disable XMP.

Is this normal and we just have to accept that XMP isn't enabled/working on the A200 or is there something wrong with mine (along with the now non-working change in RGB LED colours (I now only have the white colour working)).

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I had the same issue with an OG C1 and I remember there being like a gamer/extreme setting available in the BIOS.  Do you have that?   Anyway, I was only able to enable XMP if I disabled the other setting.  I think extreme/ gamer setting already incorporated xmp without xmp selected.  Can anyone else here attest to that?

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