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Bad stick of TWINX512-3200C2

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One stick of the subject pair has gone catastophically bad. If this stick is in a system then it will not boot, just beeps a time or two and halts. I cannot run Memtest. I have verified the stick in multiple memory slots and in two different systems, both Abit motherboards. I have checked these machines to insure that the memory voltage and timings are correct and things are fine here. I cannot think of anything else to do except return it for testing and replacement (you will find it to be bad, as well).


Just to jump ahead a moment, will I need to return the pair of sticks that make up the TWINX combo? It seems that in order to keep the matched nature of the product will require returning both sticks.


Oh, one more thing, this memory has been working fine in my system for about a year now. Not any problems. Even tested well with Memtest, at one time. But a lifetime warrantee is for longer than a year, right? ;)



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