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a7200 Windows 11 and BIOS update

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Hey all, 

I have been trying to update my a7200 (5600x RTX 3070) to windows 11 and I get hit with a message from the PC health check saying my system cannot update due to not having TPM 2.0. Well I go into the BIOS and try to enable it and the option is there however it IS enabled already but shows no security devices are available. Well I do some reading into issues like this with other prebuilts (not just Corsair) and the issue is the BIOS isn't up to date. 

Now I download the official a7200 BIOS update on Corsairs site BUT everytime I try to do the M-Flash in the BIOS it does not allow me to saying it will not let me go back to an old version of the BIOS. This makes no sense as it shows the build a date of the current BIOS as August 2020 and the BIOS I am trying to flash is from January 2022. 

I am so confused as to where to go from here. Is there something I am doing wrong on my end?

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