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Corsair H150I RGB PRO XT zero RPM mode not ramping up fans

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I have an H150I RGB PRO XT and wanted to test the different profiles in icue out a bit.
I turn the fans all to zero rpm mode(wich places all the fans at 0 rpm) and the pump at quiet.

then i run a stress test(cinebench) But the fans wont ramp up and just stay at 0 rpm and the pump stays in quiet mode. This even happens if the coolant temperature is at 45 degrees and cpu(I9 9900K) is at almost 95 degrees.

Hope someone can help?

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Unless I'm misunderstanding what you're doing, the fans and pump are behaving as expected.

If you set the fans to '0 rpm' they will stay at 0 rpm regardless of any changes to the coolant temp, or CPU temp, depending on what you have the sensor set as.

It sounds like you want to have a fans at low or 0 rpm when the system is idle but then ramp up during sustained CPU/GPU loads. Is that correct? In which case, you will need to set a custom fan curve. By definition, 0 rpm mode will always be at 0 rpm.

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