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Icue and Link software: can they co-exist on the same PC?

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Now before you tell me I'm mad (which I may well be!), here's the reason why I asked the question. I have a six year-old self-built PC which has a Corsair Link Commander Mini and V4.2 of the old Link software installed (V4.2.2.27 to be precise) which has worked rock solid ever since I built the PC.

I understand the Link commander Mini and the Link software are now obsolete.

Two questions:

1) I have just bought the K70 RGB Mk2 keyboard in Amazon's Prime sale and I wondered if the newer Icue software required to control the RGB lighting on it will happily co-exist on my PC with the old Link software; with the Icue software only controlling the keyboard, leaving the Link software to carry on monitoring & controlling its existing hardware (CPU fans, HX1000i PSU fan, LED strips, temperature monitoring etc.) via the Link Commander Mini without any conflicts between the two programs.

2) If needs be, I can live without the Icue software, but does Windows 10 Pro (21H2) automatically install it as part of the keyboard driver Plug & Pray install routine as it automatically installed the Razer software when I recently added a Razer Viper mouse?

Anyone any ideas/advice?

Many thanks,


Asus Z170-K,

Intel Core i7-6700 not overclocked,


2x 8gB Corsair Vengeance LPX,

Noctua NH-D15,

Corsair HX1000i.

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1) You will need at least CUE 3.xx for the software to be able to interact with the K70 MK.2. The current generation is CUE 4.29. The old Link software was for internal devices, like your mini. Back then CUE 1 & 2 were for external peripherals, so you would need a “CUE” version regardless. Starting with the CUE gen 3 four years ago the two separate software lines were merged and CUE 3/4 are both internal and external device control. As such, when you install either it will take control from Link. 

The mini was never 3 or 4 compatible, so it’s possible CUE 4.29 will leave Link alone. This hasn’t come on since early cue 3 days so I am not sure anyone has tried. What you could do is install CUE 4 (it does not overwrite Link - different locations) and see if it allows Link to operate. If it does not, you can use CUE 4 to save 3 different lighting and low level key assignments to each of the K70’s 3 HW save slots. Those are for when cue is not running. Then uninstall CUE 4. I’m not sure if that is enough for your KB requirements, but it is a starting point. 

2) CUE will not force load itself. It’s a big program with control for a lot of devices and a lot of RGB profile info. The basic Windows KB driver allows the KB to function. The one possible exception is if you have the PC set to download optional updates and to do it automatically without your permission. That may cause WinUpdate to go looking for everything. However, I believe Corsair stopped this as well after user complaints, despite this being a user controllable option. 

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Much thanks C-Attack for your very helpful post.

I found a way round the issue (well, sort of!) as follows:

For some time I had been looking for a replacement for my ageing Windows 8 tablet PC as M$ is withdrawing support for Windows 8 from January next year and the next day after posting here I spotted a real snip of a deal on Amazon for a Windows 11 Pro x64 tablet PC. When it arrived, I installed ICUE 4.29 and nothing else and thus began a steep learning curve!

To cut a long story short, the marriage of the tablet PC and ICUE 4.29 was not a happy one, eventually requiring me to perform a 'factory reset' on Windows 11 as ICUE kept crashing or failing to respond to some clickable buttons etc, and repeatedly refused to uninstall.

Thankfully, by that stage I had managed to save three nice profiles to the K70, so I'm happy - well, sort of. 😁

I have to confess I chickened out of installing ICUE on my main PC as it is my 'mission critical' PC, but I am really grateful to you for your very helpful info which I've saved to my PC for future reference.

Thanks again,


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