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I just recently upgraded my K70 to a K100 air. When I had my K70 the volume wheel would control the application/system volume to my speakers through HDMI. My corsair headset would adjust volume for itself separately while using Discord etc. The K100 air volume wheel is only controlling the headset output volume. The only time I can get it to control the system/app game I am currently using is if I disable the headset in the sound device list. 

Is there a fix for this as it used to work just fine with  my old keyboard?

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Hi. Did you ever get this sorted? I'm having the same issue. I can change volume using the wheel when connected by USB. However, when using the keyboard wirelessly, moving the volume wheel brings up the volume notification on Windows but doesnt actually increase/lower.

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For anyone coming across this and looking for a fix/answer:

It appears, for some reason, that while in wireless mode the media keys are not pre-programmed with functionality. I am not sure if this is an oversight or issue with iCUE in general. However, you can manually slot in the functionality through iCUE through Key Assignment and it will work again without issue.

Quick How to:

Select Corsair K100 Air (At the of iCUE) >> Select Key Assignment (On the Left) >> Add an Assignment (Bottom Left) >> In Assignment Type, choose Media >> Select the key/button you wish to program >> Select the functionality

You can then save each of the key functionalities to the library to copy them to other profiles you might have.

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