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Cannot found version 4.29.203


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Did you by accident release version 4.29.203 this is from the logs:

2022-10-11 14:12:38.415 W cue.common.download: Network reply error: "Error transferring https://www3.corsair.com/software/CUE_V4/Corsair-Utility-Engine-v4.29.203.zip - server replied: Not Found"
2022-10-11 14:12:38.416 W cue.common.download: The download process is not running

because now iCue 4 says cannot update to the current version.


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Same error.  Currently downloading it from CORSAIR Downloads | CORSAIR iCUE Software.

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3 hours ago, Technobeard said:

Updating within iCUE to 4.29.203 should now work.


Just now, KingB33 said:

Negative, it absolutely does not work in fact since trying to update is caused weird pixelation on my screen o.O

errr nvm, i stand corrected. i got it to work lol

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It's working for me here. Updated within icue software.

Cant seem to find the release notes. I still cant use any equalizer settings with my virtuoso headset after upgrading to Win11 22H2.

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