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7000D Airflow fans


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So I bought this case a few months ago and have now decided on what i want to put in it.  The issue here I have though are the fans. According to the specs it comes with 3 140 AirGuide fans (two in the front and one in the back).  I'd like to get a third fan to fully populate the front of the case and of course to maximize airflow and maybe even 4 120mm matching fans on the motherboard tray.

Problem is this:  Where do I get one more AirGuide 140mm fan??  I can't it anywhere on the net.  None on Newegg, Amazon, even on this site.  Sure I can just throw in any 140mm fan and be done with it, but I would much rather have all fans match, as it should.  Don't like the idea of spending another $200-$300 rgb fans just to have a matching set.

So where can I get this AirGuide fan?

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