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Sound Turning off nonstop

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I've had Corsair products for a while, This is the first time I've gotten so angry that I'm about to throw this in the trash if this problem can not be corrected.  

My headphones, the HS 70 Pro wireless, when I plug them into my computer to charge and still wish to use them they are doing one of two things non stop. Either they turn off without any notifiication, one moment I have sound and the next it is dead silent until I push the power button again. its gotten to the point as soon as I turn the things back on they turn off after two seconds. Or I get the sound of the computer reconnecting/ Discovering a new device nonstop.  It 
I have a keyboard and a mouse from Corsair as well and if I end up not being able to correct this I'll be getting rid of all three and going to a different brand. While this sound issue is not a big issue when I'm just listening to music and scrolling websites,  It becomes a huge issue when I'm in calls over discord and I lose all sound nonstop or I can't hear people cause of the discovery sound going off. 

Is there a setting I have wrong? I've played around in the dashboard with all options and nothing seems to help. I really don't want to drop the money to replace everything. 

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