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Profiles gone after PC crash/bluescreen

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Computer bluescreened today cuz of graphics driver and now all my profiles and fan curves are gone.


I made a back up of the config file a long time ago under AppData\Roaming\Corsair\CUE4\cooling. I can tell it threw away all my settings as in the current config file when I search for my fan curve names there is nothing.

deleting it and popping my old config file in does not take effect, it has somehow shuffled the IDs or keys or something.

I am beyond livid at this software at this point.
How can I get my fan curves back? Lighting seems unaffected.

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i managed to semi-fix it by copying the the fan speed values in the XML from the old config file to the new one under the names of the new fan curves

still have to reset the sensor the curves use and link them to the profiles.

somehow the new config file post-crash has a different XML tree where it is under different <valueXXX> and different keys or something, but i'm sick and tired of having to ********ing reverse engineer their shittily-named XML just to get everything to work again

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