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Dark Core Pro SE wireless connection under 2.4GHz not working

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Hello all,

A few months ago, my dark core pro rgb se suddenly stoped working under the dongle/2.4GHz connection with no reason. I've tried everything that is in the forums and the Corsair's reddit but nothing have worked for me, from a completely restart of both the dongle or mouse to a freshly installed iCUE updated to the last version.

The rest of the mouse connectivity is working fine, both the wired and the bluetooth connections, so I can't imagine why is this happening.

Just to add more info, my current devices' versions are:

  • Dark core rgb pro se: 5.0.41
  • Dark core pro se wireless receiver: 5.6.126
  • iCUE: 4.28.177

Two months ago I tried to open a ticket with the corsair technical support but I was unable to answer to them at that moment and I don't know if it's still opened or was closed due to inactivity. If it can help the ticket number was #2005454475.

Thanks in advance.

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