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M65 Pro RGB Mouse "malfunctioning" not recognised by windows

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Hi - M65 pro mouse had been working perfectly for 2+ years but suddenly windows will not detect the usb device upon boot up stating that the device has "malfunctioned".

Ive tried it on 2 different computers (same thing) - ive tried the soft reboot method (doesn't work at all) and I've located the hard reset button under the top right weight but from what ive read on other forums it would appear i require a firmware file from Corsair to replace the corrupted one.

Is anyone able to assist in providing said file?

Thanks in advance.


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Quick update - now that I've actually tried pressing this button, it would appear that my reset button doesn't actually press anything 🤦‍♂️ so i cant even reset it by pressing the button and then plugging the mouse back in - it still says the device has malfunctioned.

Im guessing that theres no other way to reset it and im basically stuck?

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