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Commander Pro Not Showing Up

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hi there, 

I have the new Commander Pro installed into a brand new system PC. iCue has picked up my motherboard (ASUS ProArt Z690-CREATOR)  and the H150i Elite Capellix. Though for some reason iCue can't see the Commander Pro. I've checked all the cabling and connection and everything looks to be ok. 

The main reason I want to be able to see the Commander Pro is to control the 9 fans I have installed in the PC. All fans are running but not showing up within the Commander Pro. 

Already submitted a ticket to Corsair but have recieved no responses..... so any ideas or troubleshooting tips would be appreciated! 



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Device detection is through the USB 2 internal ports, which the exception of the motherboard that is managed through the Asus Armory Crate plugin and software.  This became a prevalent issue once AMD introduced the x570 platform and unfortunately this became a larger problem with the introduction of the Z690 on the Intel side.  The root cause is likely connected to how those boards manage their now "low level" USB 2 connections as those make way for newer USB 3.x, type C, and PCI-E 4.0 pathways.  Most boards have 2 internal USB 2.0 connectors.  Presumably the Commander Core for the AIO is connected to one and the Commander Pro the other.  You can try swapping the connections to see if the MB prefers one in one slot vs the other.  You can try booting with just the Commander Pro connected to see if the MB does not like having both connected.  However, if you are not making any progress ultimately you may need external help.  A lot of users now need a powered USB hub to make up for the board's deficiencies.  These are inexpensive (~$20 USD) and also useful when you do not have enough USB 2 internal ports.  

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