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Orders keep getting silently canceled at Corsair online store due to… shipping insurance company??

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First time PC builder, and I have never had this specific, bizarre issue with an online seller. 

I have made three separate orders in the past few days, and all have been silently canceled: no email was sent, and I only realized when I checked the order status. 

First-level support raised a ticket, and the response is that the shipping insurance company Corsair uses rejected the orders because of “too many variables”. That’s a quote. The support response did not indicate what these issues were nor how to address them, other than re-ordering, which I did.

I live in a large apartment building in the downtown area of a large US city. All delivery carriers deliver daily to a locked and access-controlled package room. It doesn’t get any better than this, from an insurance standpoint. 

Oh, and the parts that keep getting canceled? A $5 standoff kit and a $40 fan. 

I’m never ordering direct from Corsair again if I can avoid it. Unfortunately, for this particular fan, I’d have to order from HK, UK or AUS. None in stock in the US. 

Has anyone had a bizarre issue like this before?

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That's what's happening to me too right now.
I got one successful order early 2022. 
Using a different credit card, I got a cancelation on Jan 3, 2023 with some variables such as credit card, VPN, and my address is a freight address (not true).
So I ordered again using the exact same credit card and shipping address that worked in early 2022, and contacted them ahead of time to make sure it doesn't get cancelled again. However, customer support responded saying that this order was also cancelled (this time no structured email like the first cancellation):

"So your orders were canceled for a number of different variables.
I've reached out to my management to take a look into the details of your account/order.
You should be good to attempt a new order by tomorrow."

So I replied asking for clarification and haven't heard back yet. I didn't want to submit another order unless I know it's going to be successful.
I just sent a follow up email about an hour ago, so I hope I get a resolution soon.

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