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Well all these years recomending Corsair to my friends and family I realized not i was wrong when i actully use their help-support services. 

I've been having the same issue with my i164. I start noticing last summer around April,2021 that my system getting hot very frequently I do not wanted to open system as it was still under warentee. Note-I am using this system for daily work not for gaming so there isnt any heavy process on GPU.

Earlier the pc getting overhited may be once in a week and it start rebboting very frequently and yestrday it competly went-off now the system unable dicted the m.2 drive. So here is my thinking that software issue led hardware failer. (in between i have a lot storries that i am not sharing like support calls, and chat and usless advices).

When microsoft *forced everyone to update windows10 to 11. I think corsier failed to update their ICUE  according to the windows11 and it started cressing (see the numbers of threds are available saying they have issue with ICUE after updating windows11) not sure it is the real cause of failing the FANS. 

when i noticed the FANS are not runnig i tried many things  like flashed the BIOS, uninstall-install ICUE and it started my TOP and CPU FANS the GPU FAN never worked still at 0RPM.

Even after updating everything mostly found the fans are not working (so i thought its depand on load on cpu,gpu) so i changed fans performance settings default to Extreme (always on) still no change and fans running on-off coundition. That now affacted my m.2 drive.

I have penned another ticket in a hop if someone can tell me what the real issue is. My all work related data is in the hhd but because of m.2 failer i cant retrive wighout getting out menually and if I do my warentee will be voide. Its been a week still wating for support...................................

I can chage the m.2 drive and load the windows by my self but if this is driver issue than it will happen again.

Appriciate if any one have any sollution.

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Same thing happened to me. I have an i165 and I keep getting BSOD. I decided to sell the i165 for a low price because I'm sick of their customer service. They got nothing fixed and they didn't know what's wrong with my computer. 

I'm thinking about buying a new computer from Dell or building one. 

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