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Unable to install Corsair iCue in Windows 11

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I'm trying to install iCue in Windows 11. 

The installer will attempt to launch, but never brings up the installation dialog (just quits).


Any help would be appreciated, thanks 

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Would appreciate some help here - I'm unable to install iCue / Windows 11. Installer quits before anything happens

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Not sure what to tell you.  I have it working fine on my Windows 11 system but I am sure you don't care about that.  🙂 

Did you submit a support ticket through Corsair to assist?

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  • Corsair Employees

What browser are you using to download the installer? Are you downloading and running the installer directly from a physical drive in your system? Are you running the installer from a cloud or network drive? Are you just attempting to run the installer as a temporary file instead of downloading it?

Also what exact version of iCUE are you attempting to install?

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