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Problem with the pump backlight on my Corsair H150i Capellix

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Hello, I have a problem with the pump backlight on my Corsair H150i Capellix. I set the synchronization of the fans with the pump, as you can see in the video, the fans are lit according to the settings in the iCUE program, something completely different is happening on the computer. The pump and fans should glow identically. I updated the iCUE program, connected the entire cooling again. Nothing helped. Please help.

Video with me problem:


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I was able to diagnose the problem. The problem turned out to be the controller, which is included in the set for cooling. Namely, he probably got some short circuit and therefore nothing could be done. After plugging in another controller, I was able to freely control the RGB lighting. In addition, it turned out that in my controller the input 2,3 and 4 is damaged, because it did not give any color on the fans.

Do you know if after reporting this problem to the Corsair, they will send me a new functional controller that is attached to this cooling?



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That's the Commander Core and it also is the power conduit for the pump and fans.  Contact Corsair Support through the link at the bottom.  You'll need to detail model number and upload the purchase invoice as well.  They can send you just the Commander Core if they are sure that is the issue, but may also send you an entire new unit to cover the bases.  No reason to delay on this and I don't see a clear user side fix.  

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On 10/5/2022 at 8:52 AM, sajdz said:

So I have to contact the Corsair and ask for a completely new Capellix h150i cooling?

No, the guy said contact Corsair and they'll provide a new controller. If we don't have stock of the controller, they might ask to swap the whole unit since stock can take weeks to arrive if it's empty. 

Open up a ticket, include the invoice/receipt, and we should be able to mail a replacement controller. The controller is sensitive to ESD (e.g. static) so  it's possible it was damaged on installation or assembly. This stuff happens when we're manufacturing thousands of these.

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