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GA-7VTXH+ PC2100 DDR 266 Suggestions


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Hello all. I have a 4 year computer and I want to keep playing on it. So I am looking to upgrade it.


Here are my specs.


Motherboard by Gigabyte:






With a AMP Athlon XP 2200+ ( 266 FSB )


With crap DDR :[pouts:


I have am looking for 1 stick of 1GB Ram from Corsair, the best they got to offer for this motherboard. I looked at the list from your site and I am so unsure which one to pick I was hoping I would get a good recommendation here. There were so many on the list! :eek:


My motherboard can hold the following ram:


PC1600 DDR200




PC2100 DDR266


Anyway, I would appreciate suggestions for the best choice. Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.


I am a gamer...

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The 512 meg module that you said would work on my system, do you think it would be the best choice for my computer? If there is a better or best corsair ram for my comp, please recommend :biggrin: I would keep on looking! Thanks a bunch ram guy.
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I got one stick that came with the motherboard originaly which is 256 ddr, I got another stick of 512 pc2700, and a 1024 stick of pc3200. I know real smart eh ADLE? Well, that is the reason I am looking for an upgrade because I got the wrong ram to begin with lol. How my computer is still running like this is still a mystery but I just ordered a CM64SD1024-2100. If it works out maybe I will get another one. Some people say 2 sticks would be enough, 3 would not make a difference.
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CM64SD1024-2100 should run with out problems with this system if it supports 1.0 Gig modules but you may need to update your bios. Sorry did not know that module was still available.
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The ram seems to be working fine. Just out of curiousity, is there a XMS 1GB stick compatible with with my Motherboard? If there is, would you recommend the best one for my MB? Thanks I would apprecite it.
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