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Corsair RMA 10 days no reply after requesting info?

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In wondering the turnaround time for an RMA or to get a response form the support team?


I have a defective Ax860i that shuts down randomly with high load. Corsair has asked me for pictures and more proof. Everything was provided, but I've not had a reply after they asked for more info, yet we're very responsive until that point. Follow-up email went unanswered.


Corsair account has notbing in there neither does spam.


Initial contact was Sept 19th, reply on the 21st , I sent back the info on the 22nd and a follow-up asking if it was received or needed more info on the 27th. No reply from Corsair.


I understand this PSU is no longer being made, but I'm not getting any response from Corsair. Is it out of stock and they just haven't told me? I can use the system but can't use it for its intended purposes, video rendering nor gaming, it will just shut down randomly.




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Hi, i send my request with pictures and cause for my h100i  and i just received the ticket number the same day, after that nothing no one has made contact.


Any help



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