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Hi, am trying to connect pump tach cable to CPU_FAN header. Supposed to be 3-PIN, but mb CPU_FAN header has 4 pins. Do I orient the connector to the three right-most pins which ASUS labels as CPU FAN IN, CPU FAN PWR, GND? The tach cable has a single wire going to GND? Seems obvious, but when I assume generally get called the first 3 letters. Would rather be ignorant for a minute than forever. Thanks in advance for your advice!

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There is only one way it can be physically connected and the guide tab will ensure that.  Technically, it does not need to be connected at all and the tach wire has no effect on the AIO operations.  However, it does satisfy the motherboard's CPU boot safety feature and it should trigger that system if the pump does not respond back on power on.  

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