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Corsair K100 RGB lighting freezes, disappears from iCUE

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I'm having an issue with the K100 and my iCUE software. At startup it connects to my keyboard no problem and runs the same lighting scheme as my other RGBs (RAM and coolant) and can be seen in iCUE. However, at a random moment the lighting will freeze and the K100 will drop out of iCUE as if it had been unplugged, before the keyboard resets to the default lighting, and I lose my profile setup. The keyboard still sends keystrokes to the PC and is fully usable otherwise and none of the other RGBs are affected and work fine with iCUE. It will happen regardless of what I'm doing - I can be in a game, browsing the web, working etc without it making a difference. The last time I had iCUE up and was looking at the K100 when it dropped and put me back to the dashboard.

Because the keyboard is still working as a keyboard flawlessly, I'm sure it's not a hardware problem. I've tried a firmware update, forcing an update, updating iCue without luck. I don't have any non-corsair RGB software installed. Any advice?



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