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Blue LEDs fail

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On my build, I have a lot of LEDs. Most of them are from Corsair, but some of them are from random internet vendors that sold something I liked the looks of.

And on those RGB LED products, I've found that the blue LEDs fail first...and fail a lot. In my build, I have an RGB graphic card support bracket and an RGB motherboard connector. The blue LEDs on both of them have gone out, and so all the colors are off. Teal is green, purple is magenta, and so on. Corsair products are not immune to this either. My ST100 is now the same way.

I'm not sure what it is, but blue LEDs are just not as robust as the rest of them. Anybody else have this problem?

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it's just that PCMR gamer grade whizbang lighting is always overdriven.

by default the leds are too bright and won't last too long, mostly due to over heating. That's why people using white lighting with RGB leds often kill them in a matter of weeks or months. Usually green and blue die first, probably because they are the diodes with the higher forward voltage. Red is lower so they tend to produce a bit less heat.

If you have a look on the forum though, you may find that it's most often the green leds that die first in corsair fans. I have blue LEDS dead on one of my keyboards and on my case front panel. Just depends what leds every manufacturer uses, and how bright you run them.

And well, they are probably not high grade by any means, so there will always be early failures too. Worth checking warranties in that case. Corsair does cover that regularely.

But yea, reducing brightness goes a long way in making your lights last longer.

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Thanks for the excellent reply LeDoyen!

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