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Crystal 280X and 4080 16gb options


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Hello fellow 280X enjoyers,

I figure that I cannot be the only one trying to work my head around putting a 4080 16gb in this case.

Based on the current info (RIP EVGA), it looks like the MSI Ventus X3 OC has the best chance of fitting at 322 x 136 x 63mm.


However, this would require removing the bottom two intake fans for clearance. Any downsides here given the card fans will be close to the fairly open bottom grille; given the proposed lack of case fan intake there? Anyone else considering this upgrade?

I'm on 9700K / H100i Platinum SE / 3080 build with RM850X so everything else seems fine except fit/airflow. Corsair's 12VHPWR cable looks perfect for it.


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Any updates on this matter? What card did you end up getting? Any luck with 4080 MSI Ventus X3 OC?

I'm considering ASUS 4070ti TUF Gaming (305 x 138 x 65 mm), but I'm not sure if this can work without bottom fans

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