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K95 RGB Platinum XT some colors not working

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I've had this keyboard since December of 2021, this morning it decided that some of the LED colors don't want to work on the keyboard. I have it set to default "Rainbow Wave" however there are only green and blues in the wave of the actual keys, but the LED bar on top of the keyboard is still RBG. The keyboard also froze twice this morning and completely stopped working the lights were still on but unmoving and pressing keys didn't do anything, unplugging it and plugging it back in seemed to fix the freezing issue. I've been using it for about 30 mins now without any freezing. I did try to do a force update in ICUE which didn't fix it, as well as a soft reset, and clearing the onboard memory. None of which fixed the issue. Has anyone else experienced this? I'm so confused on what's happening here...

Sorry for all the dog hair, we have three hairy beasts in this house 😅



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Each key has a red, green, and blue LED diode.  Try setting a static layer of 255/0/0 red, then 0/255/0 green, then 0/0/255 blue to test each one.  That may narrow down the physical issue.  Telling Support the red is out in the middle of the keyboard is very specific and will not be mistaken for something else.  If the KB is also locking up or freezing, it's time to contact Support anyway while you are still in the warranty period.  


In the meantime, there are two things you can try to remedy this.  Try the soft reset first (ESC Key replug action).  If that does not work, do a force load of the firmware.  Go to KB device page, check for updates -> (none) -> then force update will appear.  Neither will fix this if LEDs are blown, but it is likely the first thing Support will instruct you to do.  Posting the results after your ticket should speed things along if it does not resolve it.  It is a bit odd for ALL the red diodes to blink out.  That seems more like a firmware issue rather than LED failure.  




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