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Urgent help needed please

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Sorry to bother you but i need a little help please guys, Aquacomputer and Overclockers uk not helping or answering.


I purchased the 6 x Splitty 4's and 2 x Farbwerk 360's also a Hubby 7 usb, also i got hold of an almost new Aquaero 6 pro with red heat sink.


I have fitted all these items in the back of my Corsair 1000D to power/control 21 Corsair LL fans (16 led's per fan) case shown in the inc pics i have sent you above, but i have come to the connection stage and its not as easy as it was with my previous non rgb fan build on the Aquaero 5 controller (5 fans on 1 splitter repeated to all the pwm headers)


I am a little lost here and wonder if you can help in the connection of the items what goes where and into what item.


Also, do i have enough Parts ie Hubby 7/Farbwerk 360/Splitty 4's to do the job, or will i need more.

I also have

 EK Quantum FLT 360 res ( 3 pin D-RGB connector) 21 led's

EK Quantum Velocity cpu block (D-RGB connector) 17 led's

EK Quantum Vector Trinity RTX 3090 Gpu block (D-RGB connector) 12 led's

EK Quantum flow indicator DRG-B ( 2 led's)

All standard 3 pin D-RGB connection.

And i have a couple of EK loop DRG-B dual/triple splitter cables.


Finally, as i am no longer using Corsair Icue/hardware, my Corsair 1000D case has a proprietary Corsair 3pin front panel/power lead coming from the front of the case and connected to the commander pro, for the io plus sail logo, how or where do i connect this to the above Aquacomputer parts (inc pic).


Help Greatly app.








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eeeh it was a big post, i dreaded replying to it 😛

I answered in the Aquacomputer forum. for the 1000D front panel RGB, you'll need one of those adapters and connect to a channel on the Farbwerk360 :


With a decked 1000D, you'll also need a lot of coffee

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Sorry buddy,

All i really want to know is, after all the corsair ll fans have been connected to  splitty4s have been daisy chained together with the rgbx mini cables out/in , how do they and the ek rgb bits go to the farbwerk 360s /Aquaero 6 pro lite, any info please.

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the splitty has an RGBPx IN that connects to a channel of the Farbwerk. then you're done. the farbwerk controls it. The farbwerk usb cable has to be connected to the hubby (USB splitter).

all your controllers go to the hubby for USB, and the hubby connects to your motherboard USB2 header.

There is no connection between farbwerk and Aquaero, they all communicate with Aquasuite through USB.


-All RGB (Splitty4, waterblocks, pump, 1000D etc) to the farbwerks

-All PWM to the Aquaero

-All controllers USB to the Hubby7

-Hubby7 USB to your motherboard.

-And Molex/SATA power for everybody


Edit : I didn't see.. you don't daisy chain the splitty4 together. they all take one channel of the Farbwerk. A channel has a 90 LED limit, and 4 LL120 will be 64 LEDs.

It's also a LOT easier to manage the lighting if you do one strip of 4 fans per channel.

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Cheers for the info, on nights will give this a good read when i can.

Thank you again for the help, much app.

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I have an Octo arriving tomorrow (no Quadro in stock) so will have both.

I know it does not matter about the pwm order on the fans   to either Aquaero 6 pro or the Octo as its just power as i am   probably going to split 4  pwm connectors on the ll fans on 4 way splitters then into the octo or Aquaero ch 1,2,3 and soi on, but i have started the tubing at the front after labeling the fans previously 

Rear fan 1          

Top 420mm left to right 2,3,4 top then 5,6,7 underneath

The front pair of 360mm rads   plus 2 at the top 8-21

 For   the rgb part do i have to redo all the fans from what i have done in the pics differently, or will they all sync 




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