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After updating iCUE v4.28.177 my SP120 RGB PRO don't light at all

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Hi everyone,

I had bought my PC (case 220T RGB white) in June and everything worked perfectly untill now.After I had updated iCUE (v4.28.177), I noticed that my fans (SP120 RGB PRO) didn't light up. Here are the things I've already done:

  • Restart the PC
  • Reinstall iCUE v4 --> Devices weren't recognised
  • Intall iCUE v3 (instead) --> same problem
  • Check my PC components if ther was anything I didn't notice.
  • Came back to iCUE v4 --> Same problem
  • I try an external RGB software --> useless

I haven't opened or hit the PC or any hardware in any case, before, during and after this problem.

Do you guys know what happened?


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It’s theoretically possible the lighting setup reset on update. However, if you still see the Lighting Node Core and 3 x 8 LED fans in CUE, then that is not the issue. 

Most likely this is a physical problem that coincided with the update. The Lighting Node Core is a serial controller, so if the first LED or fan is bad, the remaining fans will stay dark. Pop off the back and swap the RGB connectors for fans 1 and 3. This potentially puts the bad fan at the end of the chain and 1+2 light up. Then you contact Corsair Support for a replacement fan. There are other possibilities but it is going to require some testing. 

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5 hours ago, Alyara said:

Reinstall iCUE v4 --> Devices weren't recognised

Can you clarify this?  If CUE does not see your RGB controller, then certainly you won’t have lighting. This is a usb detection problem. Try disconnecting and reconnecting the usb 2 motherboard side connection while the system is powered on. 

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