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Hi Everyone,

I'm currently using a garbage Dell wired USB keyboard that came with my computer and I'm looking to choose an affordable Corsair keyboard (that has a numpad).

One of the games I play is StarSector and I'm often holding down multiple keys simultaneously e.g. Shift+W+D etc. and my current terrible Dell Keyboard can't seem to handle the multiple simultaneous inputs (or communicate them correctly to my computer).

Ideally I want to be able to be holding down 3 keys and then hit the spacebar (or tab) at the same time and still have that register on the keyboard. 

Or switching between weapons groups I might be holding down Shift+S+D and want to hit 2 at the same time and have that register.

I want to find out how many simultaneous keyboard inputs Corsair's keyboards can receive and whether it's the same across the range or if there is a difference across product lines.

If anyone could assist I would appreciate it, thank you.

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