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5400UL XMS2 issues

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Ive got 2 sticks of 512meg matched memory 5400UL XMS2 and its giving me jip:


Works in Intel 925x board at 533/4-4-4-12 no reported errors in Memtest after 90 minutes.

Doesnt work in Intel 925x board at anything other than 4-4-4-12. I set anything more aggressive and the machine wont boot even though the sticks are rated at 3-2-2-8.

Doesnt work in an ECS PF21 extreme (925XE), at all - no boot

Doesnt work in a Gigabyte 81955X Royal (955X), at all - no boot


It's clearly not dead-dead cause it does work in the initial Intel machine, i just cant put my finger on what exactly is wrong. I know all the boards work cause i have some Micron PC4300 sticks that work in everything and i know the Corsair sticks are compatible cause Corsair generally works in everything and then some.


Problem is regardless is BIOS/CPU (800 or 1066FSB) settings other than i have mentioned. I really dont think it's chipset dependent (Intel chipsets work with everything) but i do have a NF4 Intel spare i could test them in.

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Please check that you are setting the Dim Voltage to at least 2.0 Volts and not over 2.1 Volts and test the modules one at a time. The Intel MB may not give you the option to set the Dim Voltage and any MB that would not allow you to set the Dim voltage would not be compatible with these modules at their tested settings. Sorry.
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