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Help with a possibly faulty 3200Xl twinset

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Hi there, I suspect I have a faulty set of Corsair 3200Xl modules. I have been dogged with random restarts using XP, mostly when loading the system up with multiple or heavy tasks (such as playing the latest games). Mostly my system is stable as a rock, apart from these odd blips. (Very frustrating).

I did not immediately suspect the Ram, and as I was in the process of upgrading my system I have changed most items out.

My current system is as follows

Abit AN8-SLI with a AMD64 3000+ winchester CPU

2x512 Corsair 3200XL ram modules

Nexus NX4090 400W PSU

XFX 6600Gt Graphics card PCI-e

Audigy 2 ZS sound card

3x HDD

2x CD/DVD writers


I began to suspect the Ram after I changed over from an AGP system (of similar specs) to PCI-e one and still had random problems.


I have run memtest and am getting errors in test 5 mostly and only after it gets past the first cycle.


I have swapped out the XL ram for some corsair value and the system is now stable again at cas 2.5.

In the bios the only thing I have changed is the voltage to the DDR. With both the value and the XL I have left everything at auto. Which detects the XL at 5-2-2-2 1T and 400Mhz.



Right, after reading some of Ram Guys suggestions to other users I have bumped up the Voltage to 2.8V to the DDR in the bios and have run memtest with each module in seperately. Bingo! One of the modules ran for 6 hours no problems, the other came up with a fail on pass 18 in test 7.


Is there anything else I can or need to try?




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