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Memory sticks conflict


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I used to have two Samsung 512MB and Corsair 256MB PC2100 DDR266 memory sticks. Corsair memory went bad and I sent it for replacement. Corsair sent me a new memory sitck, thanks. However, now, my computer works with either memory, but it does not boot when I put two memory sticks together. If I put the Samsung in the Dim0 first memory slot and Corsair in the Dim1, bios screen comes but it stops after finding harddisks. If I put the Samsung in the Dim1 second memory slot and Corsair in Dim0, bios screen does not come, monitor stays off and harddisk light stays yellow. I try to change a few Bios settings but could not get any positive result. I will really appreciate any help. My computer works fine with either memory at either Dim.


My computer setting is as following:

Intel D845PEBT2 motherboard

Intel Pentium 4 1.9Ghz 400Mhz front bus 256Kb cache

Samsung K4H5608380-TCB0 PC2100 512MB DDR266 memory

Corsair CM64SD256-2100 PC2100 256MB DDR266 memory

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Thank you for your reply.


memtest.org did not display the timings.


I used PC Wizard 2005 to find the settings. For both of the memories, they are 6-3-3-2.5, which

are set by the bios.


I used 5-2-2-2 and some other combinations, but none of them helped. What I do not understand is

either memory module booths with any settings I use.

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Thank you for your reply. CPU-Z is giving the same results for both memory sticks.


Max Bandwith: PC2100 (133Mhz)

Correction: None

Registered: No

Buffered: No

Frequency 100 133

CAS Latency 2.0 2.5

RAS# to CAS# 2 3

RAS# Precharge 2 3

TRAS# 5 6


The only difference I see is that PC wizard is reporting 7.8ms refresh rate for Samsung memory module, with respect to 15.625 ms refresh rate for Corsair. Samsung memory is 512MB and Corsair 256MB, that might be the reason.

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My Intel bios does not allow to change the refresh rate. I can only change the CAS timings and it has a burn-in mode. I manually modified all of these, but it did not resolve the problem.


My computer does not pass the initial bootup so I cannot test both memory at the same time.

I tested both memories individually with memtest and there was no error.


Intel bios has memory test option during bootup. If I turn it on, I only see 256MB which probably is

Corsair memory and bootup freezes.

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