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Bad CMX512-3200C2 Module

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when i was using my computer, i had experienced stalling problems, usually the computer would keep restarting. i did not know what was wrong untill it would not start up (No Display). i checked everything, and i also read up on a book about computer problems and i would'nt have thought that my two 512 corsair RAM Modules were defected; but in fact, i had taken out one of my 512 RAM Modules (The XMS CMX512-3200C2(Extreme Memory Speed) the one without Display lighting on to top) and the computer had started up and it had passed the post test! i also had double checked and took out the working Corsiar RAM Module (CMX512-3200C2PRO) and put in the defected one (CMX512-3200C2) and i found to my suprise that it would not Show any Display, now i really knew that it was the Memory Module. i went on the corsair web site and i could'nt seem to find online technical support, so i am posting to you, RAM Guy. i had read up on the warrenty and read through posts, FAQs, and the Q&A's, but none could convince that it was'nt anything else that was defected, because i know its the RAM Module and i am unsure what to do next. Please Help.


Thank you,


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