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RM750i's Wattage Sensor not visible in LCD Kit's Presets dropdown

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Intro: I've got a PSU RM750i and an LCD Kit. Both are visible, available and functioning well as shown in attached images 1 and 2. iCue version is 4.26.110 (I am afraid to upgrade to 4.27 due to other people having troubles with their AIO LCD after an upgrade)

My goal is: setup my AIO LCD to display my CPU temp and PSU wattage. 

The problemiCue has a 'Dual Bar' preset for LCD screen to dispay the values of 2 sensors, but sensors' dropdown lists do not contain a PSU wattage sensor (attached image 3), although they are available in iCue as shown and some other (not all of them) PSU sensors are present in a dropdown

PS: what I'd really like to see in the next iCue is a preset for LCD screen which shows different sensors (CPU temp, GPU temp, PSU wattage, RAM usage, etc) in a loop with customizable sensors and delay intervals. TBH, this has much more value than most of existing LCD kit's presets. If there is any SDK or tool to create my own presets then please point me to it.

Thanks in advance!




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@shocksim Could you please assist me here? I know it might not be your area of expertise but maybe you can point me to someone who can answer this question. I feel like I'm being ignored

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