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Confused Twinx1024-3200c2pt

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Alright, I'm running A P4. 3.4mhz On a GA-8IPE775-G (F4)

I was running 1 gig dual channel no problem,


I got the Twinx1024-3200c2pt in the other day and popped it in the free slots.

Error:Memory dumps

Err0r: Windows Has Recoverd from a serious error...(didn't tell me what)

Error: Generic Host Process for Win32 Services ? :confused:


So I ran Memtest..Says Ram Settings are 201 mhz(DDR 402) at 2.5-4-4-8

Also says FSB:201


error:test Failing Address Good Bad Err-bits Count

4 0004f930ba8 - 1273.0mb e57f189b e57f1893 00000008 2


Also I ran Check-It Diag from Norton, and it won't even start to test the ram.


Now I mem tested each stick seperatly, No problem,

Seems to be only when I Dual channel them, or throw them in with my Other ram mod's (DDR 512 3200, 2.5-6-3-3) to a full 2 gigs


I don't believe they are broke, Just don't seem to be a team player.

Other info





Cpu Host 200

Mem Frequancy Auto

Dimm OverVoltage Control Norm





7.8 Us

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Please set the Dim Over Voltage Control to +.2 Volts and test the modules again with http://www.memtest.org to be sure.


Ok, after changing the Volts I come across this,

My Corsair and XXXX Ram can't get along


2 gigs = bad

8 errors on test 5



The Corsairs pass the test, but are now very hot

My previous Modules now fail at test 8


1 gig dual (one of each)

fails on test 8



all 4 sticks pass seperatly


is there any know compatability issues with other Ram Modules?

(Mine are XXXX 512mb DDR400 pc3200 GE5123200B CL=2.5-6-3-3)

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