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Flash Voyager 1G problems?


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Have some questions for the experts!


I was transfering some files between two computers with my new Voyager. I had no problems with my home computer running WXP home, but have problems with other computer running W2000 server. I can format Voyager on both computers no problems, but I found one file on W2000 machine that sucesfully crashes Voyager or probably some piece of software that is required to run.


When I try to copy that file it looks like voyager tries to write it about 4 times (as light blinks) then computer opens a popup saying someting about delayed write failed in three separate popups. At that time explorer shows Voyager capacity is 0 bytes. Disk drive looses it's displayed name and if I want to see what is on flash drive I have to Stop the removable device and replug it back in.

Files that are on the drive are intact.


I moved the file to another disk on computer, renamed it but it still causes the same error. It does not matter if flash disk is full or empty, freshly formated ....


Also Found one corupted file on flash drive. File was copied from other computer.

I could not erase it or folder in which was the file.


I did not install any software for this flash drive on any computer. Flash drive is properly identified in both computers. Ah and W2000 machine probably does not have USB 2.0 port.


Can I somehow test the drive for errors?

Any Ideas what may be wrong?




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