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New Headphones ( Void Elite Wireless ) takes forever to lauch a video or enter a discord vocal

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First of all sorry if i'm not clear enough, i'm not a native english speaker.

I just received my new headphones ( Void Elite Wireless ) and i have a very anoying problem, to the point i might stop using it. 

When i'm clicking on anything that require audio ( Video saved on my computer, Music on the Groove app, Youtube video... ), it load for a few second ( up to 6 or 7 secondes ) before starting the video/audio. Sometime it even happen when i pause & unpause the video, i have to wait a few second  before it start again. And of course, no, it's not coming from my internet, other audio device don't have any problem.

and it's even more anoying on Discord, i can take up to 15 seconds before connecting in the voice chat ! and that every time i move from a chat to another or switch server ( it shows SCTR connection for the whole duration )

it goes without saying that i already checked that the problem happen only when audio plays on those Headphones. 

I have already tried to switch USB port, search for Update on ICUE but no can do. 

It is to note that my friend that recommended me this product has used it for 2 years and it never happened to him ( also he's not using ICUE ) 

what should i do ? Do someone know this problem ? this is way to anoying to ignore it... 

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