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A7V600 Mixing Memory?


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I have an ASUS A7V600 Motherboard (400 FSB) with AMD XP 2600+ (333 FSB). The motherboard has 3 memory slots, but will only work with DDR400 in two slots. I initially installed a VS512MB400 on the board which has a CAS of 2.5 and it has run flawlessly for over a year. The BIOS settings for the RAM is on auto.


I am attempting to install a VS1GB400C3 which has a CAS of 3 to make my total RAM 1.5 GB. I initally did some research and was concerned about the different CAS values and the different chip size, but all my research turned up that it should work.


Well...it doesn't. I haven't attempted to adjust anything manually because I don't know what to adjust. Both chips work individually and if you put both in with the VS1GB400C3 in slot 1 and the VS512MB400 in slot 2 it works, but it only recognizes the VS1GB400C3. If I put the VS512MB400 in slot 1 and the VS1GB400C3 in slot 2 it won't boot. I tried various combinations in the slots and the only way it works is when the VS1GB400C3 is in front of the VS512MB400.


So...bottom line. Is there any way to make this work or do I just purchase another VS1GB400C3.




W. DeWitt

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You should run the memory Frequency at DDR333 so it's in sync with your CPU for best performance and I would set the Dim Voltage to 2.8 Volts at Cass 2.5-3-3-7.


:biggrin: Thank you very much...worked like a charm.


Bill DeWitt

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