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Did you create an account to post a picture of a 4 year old response to a question we can't see and without posing a question of your own?

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Looks like it's a pic of this response which was referring to CUE, not iCUE:  

On 8/27/2018 at 5:23 PM, Corsair Mint said:

There is a microphone volume slider in CUE to help with sound from your mic. In regards to sensitivity, unfortunately, you'll want to move the mic a little further away or see if there's a setting in whichever software you may be using for communication.


@MicSensitivitySetting   If you'd like to enable mic boost, in iCUE, then please check out this KB article: How to: Enable Mic Boost in iCUE . Otherwise, please clarify your question.

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Im searching for the Mic boost too. So where is it?



279,99 € btw.

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You're right. It was an older version, thought it would update automatically.

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