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Passed memtest, but it's still not stable.

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I'm running 1gb (2x 512mb) of Corsair 3200XLpro. My motherboard recently died on me and I replaced it with an abit ic7-g max2 advance. For some strange reason, with these sticks in, the system blue screens after about a day or two of operation (and then more frequently after that). My case temps aren't the cause, mbm5 measures ambient around 28-30C and the radeon around 35C. I've tried all voltages available on this board (up to 2.8) with relaxed timings of 2.5-3-2-6. I'm currently running two 256mb samsung sticks (pc2700), and I've been stable for over three days. Each stick of my corsair in slot 1 passed memtest, as well as both sticks in slots 1 and 3. My lifetime warranty still applies, so I was wondering if I could go ahead and RMA. I've been looking all over for a solution to my problem, but I'm stumped.


System specs:

Intel P4 3.0c @ stock (speed & fsb)

Abit ic7-g max2 advance (latest bios)

1gb corsair twinx-1024 pc3200xlpro

Ati radeon x800pro (stock core/mem)

Thermaltake silent purepower 480w

Hard drives: 120, 160, 2x200

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