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Corsair H60 (2018) failing ?

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I've got a cpu cooler I bought in december 2018, H60. Now this morning, the bios reports that the CPU FAN SPEED is 0, and after being on a few minutes, the CPU temps rises > 80 deg c.

The SATA cable is connected, and the LED of the pump is on, I can't tell if there is coolant circulation or not.

Is my pump dead ? What can I do ?

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with a dead pump or a clogged block, you may be able to feel one tube being cold-ish and the other very warm. That would tell you if you have a flow issue.

You can take it to Corsair support directly and open a support ticket https://help.corsair.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

The AIO has a 5 years warranty, in case it's confirmed it failed (which looks to be what happened)

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19 hours ago, rossnick said:

Indeed, one tube is mostly room temperature, and the other is rather hit.

Make sure that information is in the support ticket. Since the H60 does not have an internal temp sensor for liquid temp, we have to rely on subjective evidence. The typical temperature drop after a pass through a 120mm radiator is less than 1C. That is below touch perception and the tubes should always feel the same. If one is clearly hot, that is an obvious red flag and indicates a definite flow problem as suggested above. In combination with that continual cpu temp escalation after power on, it’s clear the unit needs to be replaced. 

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