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My new build… Hydro X kit/additional 360rad.

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Hello community,

My first time building a custom loop into a pc.  The hydro X kit really comes with everything you need to get started. Corsair id you are reading this… this kit is amazing. I went with a 2nd 360mm rad for the gpu.  



Asus ROG Strix Z-690-E

Corsair Dominator 2x16G DDR5 6200

EVGA 3080 ti HydroCopper FTW 

2TB WD sn850 x2 


case: Phanteks enthoo EVOLV X 

Cooling: Corsair XH305i hardline kit,

additional Corsair360mm rad

4 additional QL120 fans

i decided not to use the Corsair clear liquid that comes with the kit. 
I went with EK Mystic fog because it reacts with the RGB lighting. Whatever color the lights are the fluid glows with it. 

I am very excited on the final results. 






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