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I've been having issues with my cpu tempatures even on idle sitting just under 50c. I've had previous corsair aio and my cpu never got anywhere near on idle.

I looked up on how to check if the pump was working. And I can feel it when I touch the pump itself. I can also feel the liquid moving through 1 tube. But the other tube I can't feel nothing. Should I feel both tubes having liquid passing through?

I also have cpu fan error show up everytime I boot up? I have the 3pin connected to the cpu_fan header. As when I go in the bios it shows cpu fan running at 2200-2250 rpm.

Someone help??


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Idle temperature is all about CPU behavior and voltage. The cooler has little effect and a tiny one gives about the same result as a giant one since there is only a handful of watts to dissipate. You haven’t given your PC specs, but if you are on AMD this is normal and you are floating on a higher Vcore which is what causes slightly higher temps. However, at this point you may be sitting in the BIOS so this may something else.


The cpu boot error is a problem. This seems like the BIOS error and not CUE and that means the motherboard is not getting a signal back from AIO at the status check moment. This could be the pump being slow to start, but it’s not the expected behavior. You can set the bios to ignore the CPU fan header so you can boot to get to desktop and check the H150i temp (a better assessment of functionality), but you should probably contact Corsair Support and get things moving in that direction. 

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You should not be able to feel liquid flow at all.  What you might detect is vibrations on the outflow tube and that is normal.  What would be concerning is if one tube is warm and the other is not.  Typical liquid temp reduction in one pass through the radiator might be 1-2C, which is below human touch perception.  They should always feel the same temperature.  If one is warm, that means heat is building up in that tube, which in turn means water is not flowing.  


50C idle is not normal for Intel or a 9900K.  I think the easiest way to demonstrate a problem is to go into the Advanced BIOS (F7) -> Monitor tab.  Then go down about 10 places until you see the CPU Fan Speed reported.  Click on it or hit enter and the option to "Ignore" will appear.  Select it and then reboot.  This will prevent the BIOS from stopping the boot sequence.  Once you load up Windows, open CUE and go to the H150i Elite tab and check the "H150i Elite Temp".  This is coolant temperature and it would normally be about equal to the case internal temperate or +4-7C over room temp.  That's typically around 30C  for most people, but in Summer in a hot room it will be a bit higher.  If the H150i Temp is already 50C or you can see it ticking upward 45...46....47... etc., then that is a flow problem and sufficient evidence for Corsair to send out a replacement.  


If this is the first time you've powered up the PC today, the liquid may be cool for a few minutes.  Let it sit in the idle condition.  Going from 20-30C is normal.  Going from 30 to 45-50C is not.  Those are load values in a hot room.  

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