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K70 RGB MK2 Lighting Shutting Off After Startup

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Hey, I'm hoping to get some help because I've tried all the regular fixes and nothing is working so far. My keyboard was working fine up until today, doing the little dance it does on startup by loading the default rainbow theme and then promptly loading my profile after windows & iCUE startup. But after I did a mass driver update which included my keyboard, it won't load my profile after startup. It still does the default rainbow while windows is booting, but then when it would normally load my color settings instead it just goes black. I've tried manually updating firmware, driver updates (again), resetting the keyboard by unplugging and holding ESC for 5 seconds when plugging back in. I deleted my profile and remade it to see if that would help. Mirrored my profile on the on-board Hardware settings. NOTHING seems to work, still staying dark after startup. Any insight would be much appreciated!

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Is CUE launching properly after boot?  If yes, does the K70 MK2 appear as a device in CUE?


In Windows Settings > Bluetooth & Devices > Devices ->>  Do you see it listed as Corsair K70 MK.2 at the top of the list under Input devices?


15 second fix to always try first ->  Go to Windows Apps list and click on Corsair iCUE.  Select Modify and follow the prompts for a repair install.  This does not erase profiles or settings and may repair a mis-assigned driver.  

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