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H100I RGB PRO XT only fans not lighting up

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Hello I just finished my build, but I can't get the lights to turn on the fans, they spin just no lights. It doesn't look like these fans are controlled via ICUE correct? They dont plug into the node only the sata cable seems to be what would power them. I have checked my usb devices and it is showing up in icue (only the waterblock) I have 5 wire sata cables (tried to slots on the psu RM750x) not sure what else to check everything seems to be plugged in.


Thanks for your help!

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No worries. You are definitely not the person to make that mistake. The XT series coolers were launched at the same time as the “Platinum” series that came with RGB fans and an internal RGB controller. The XT was a lower cost option better for those that already had other RGB fans and didn’t need the extra RGB or internal controller.

Both of those coolers have now been succeeded by the “H1xx Elite Capellix” AIO for the full RGB + standalone 6 PWM/RGB controller and “H1xx Elite” coolers that are RGB on the pump, but black AF-Elite fans and standard PWM connectors. It’s a nice AIO and an upgrade to the XT, but no progress on making the names less confusing. 

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