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I have my iCue settings to ripple black on Static white across all of my Corsair products. However, the order of the ripple is all messed up. It thinks that my ST100 is on the right side of my setup when it is on the left for example. Because of that when I click the mouse, the order of the ripple jumps from the mouse to the headphone stand to the mousepad to the keyboard. Is there a way to change this?

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Do you mean Lighting Link Type Lighting?  No, there is no way to change the device order or individual wave direction in any of the Lighting Link effects.  What you can do is remove the ST100 from the Lighting Link pattern (click on the effect in Lighting Effects to hide) and then then either substitute something else or leave it alone.  The Lighting Link will skip the ST100 without a pause.  Sometimes this is a better arrangement if the geometry is overly distracting.  

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