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CPU Sensor not exist to add in Dashboard

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I have the H150i Cooler.

For some reason there is no way to add CPU temp sensor. It has only Coolant Temp sensor available.

So I cannot control the power of the fans accordingly with the CPU temperature.

Is there any reason for this?


My PC hardware is

Ryzen 5950x

ASUS Prime X570 Pro

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For display purposes, your CPU should be a separate device that can be added to the dashboard. There may also be a general package temp the motherboard reports and is part of that temp set, but motherboards typically have a lot of extra stuff that is not helpful while the CPU add should show all 16 cores. 


For control purposes you do not want the fans to react to cpu temperature. That’s not how the system works. The fans help dissipate heat from the liquid. They do not cool the cpu. CPU cooling is all conductive, regardless of the type of cooler in use. Cold plate on the pump conducts heat into the coolant stream. Liquid transports heat to radiator + fans to be blown off elsewhere. The key relationship is liquid temp is also the minimum possible cpu temp at 0v. So as liquid temp increases +1C, so does baseline cpu temp. Same thing in reverse for cooling. If you starts stress test with your fans at 700 rpm and the cpu temp jumps from 42C to 76C, the exact same thing will happen if you do it with the fans at maximum since the total amount off watts that has been dumped into the system is low in those first seconds. It is sustained load that requires more fan speed to dissipate the heat and you can see that in terms of liquid temp change. Using cpu temp for control won’t make the cpu any cooler, but it will cause the fans to pulse up and down with every blip in cpu temperature. The point of using a large 360mm radiator is you don’t need to do that. 

It will take you a bit to workout a proper cooling curve for your environment. The room and case ambient temp will be the minimum liquid temp, so everyone is different. However, if you create a custom curve and select one of the shape tools in the lower right corner, that is the place to start. Set a quiet 750 rpm for your normal idle coolant temp. Set your maximum comfortable fan speed for about 10C higher than that. You can fine tune from there. 

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Can you post a screen shot of your 'customize dashboard' showing what you see?   You can use the "system info" view to cut down the number of other devices.  There was an update to the CPUID SDK in 4.24 and there were a few reports of trouble with AMD processor core temps, but those were older 1000x series processors.



Screenshot (314).png

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I reinstalled iCue and the other sensors appeared.

Now I have all the rest. 🙂

But there is an issue I still cannot solve.

iCue after a few hours stops controlling the cooler.

I mean the cooler works but there is no way to change settings. The actual fan rpm numbered are freezed as well.

Even with the reinstall this issue persists.

Any ideas?


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The cooler it is controled by the iCue software.

The problem is that after a few hours the software stops controlling the cooler for unknown reasons.

If I restart the PC the iCue controlls the cooler again.

But if I restart the iCue software (from inside or manually)  the cooler disappears.

I have to shut down the PC (not just restart) and turn it on again to make the cooler appear.


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